Cinderella is a Disney film adapted by Once Upon a Time.

Characters AdaptedEdit

Show AdaptationEdit

  • In the original storybook, Anastasia is not Cinderella's stepsister, but instead has another stepsister with a parallel story to Cinderella's. She later becomes the Red Queen of Wonderland.
  • In the original storybook, Cinderella's stepsisters are named Clorinda and Tisbe, as opposed to Anastasia and Drizella. Instead, Anastasia is unrelated to Cinderella.
  • In the second storybook, Anastasia is killed prior to the start of the season. This Anastasia is also claimed to have been kind, unlike her portrayal in the original film.
  • In the second storybook, Anastasia is now older than Drizella, as opposed to the opposite way it was presented in the original film.