Mother Gothel
Character Information

Cursed Identity:

Eloise Gardener




Hyperion Heights




Coven of the Eight


Flora (Mother)
Yarrow (Sister)
Alice (Daughter)


Coven of the Eight
Series Information


Turned into a tree


6, 7

First appearance:

The Final Battle: Part 1

Last appearance:

Is This Henry Mills?

Portrayed By:

Emma Booth

Mother Gothel is a recurring character on ABC's "Once Upon a Time". She is portrayed by Emma Booth.


Season 6Edit

The Final Battle: Part 1

Mother Gothel and the Coven of the Eight chase Henry Mills through the woods. He finds his daughter, Lucy, and tells her to run and keep the storybook safe. As she leaves, the Coven bursts through the doors and close in on him.

Season 7Edit

The Garden of Forking Paths

Victoria Belfrey visits a chained up Mother Gothel in the tower of Belfrey Towers.

The Eighth Witch

At the birthday party of Lucy Mills, Mother Gothel and the Coven of the Eight crash the party and rescue their fellow Coven member, Drizella, who had been turned into a statue. Together, the Coven breaks the unbreakable blood magic placed onto Drizella by Lady Tremaine, much to the shock of the heroes.

Later, Mother Gothel and the Coven are at their lair, preparing to cast the Dark Curse. As the heroes try to stop them, they reveal that one of the hooded figures is actually Henry Mills, whom they have tied up and poisoned. With this leverage, they force Regina Mills to join them in casting the Dark Curse, by providing the eighth ingredient needed. After they succeed, all of the witches are taken to Hyperion Heights, where they assume cursed identities.

Flower Child

Mother Gothel uses a spell on Samuel B. Ryce and orders him to find the cursed Coven of the Eight members and wake them up. Samuel finds Seraphina and the other witch, and also other witches to replace Hilda, Drizella and the Hedge Witch. He brings the Coven under the Hyperion Heights theater and Mother Gothel comes to greet them, ecstatic at their return.

As a ruse, Samuel calls Rogers and tells him that some strange women were seen entering the theater. Rogers and Tilly arrive and two of the witches grab Tilly and take her downstairs, before two more do the same to Rogers. Mother Gothel and Seraphina then follow them.

The Blonde Witch and another witch hold a blade to Rogers, which helps Mother Gothel convince Tilly to join the Coven. The witches get together in a circle and begin to enact a curse.


Season 6 (1/22)

Season 7 (12/22)


  • Gothel is based on Dame Gothel from the fairytale "Rapunzel" and Mother Gothel from the Disney film "Tangled". She also takes on the role of Mother Nature.
  • Her identity as Mother Gothel and Eloise Gardener was kept a secret until "Eloise Gardener".
  • She was credited as the Witch prior to her identity being revealed.
  • She was portrayed by Meegan Warner during her scenes disguised as Rapunzel Tremaine and Lana Parrilla during her scenes disguised as Regina Mills.
  • Mother Gothel is the final main antagonist of the series. However, Wish Rumple acts as the final antagonist overall.