"Juice, please."
-Roland, 4x17 - "Heart of Gold"

Roland is a recurring character in Once Upon a Time.


Before the CurseEdit

He was born then his mom died.

After the CurseEdit

Season 3Edit

Baelfire used him as Shadow bait.

Before the Second CurseEdit

Regina gave him a toy.

After the Second CurseEdit

Season 3Edit

Roland came to Storybrooke.

Season 4Edit

Roland left Storybrooke then returned.

Season 5Edit

Off to Camelot.

Before the Third CurseEdit

Roland met Guinevere.

After the Third CurseEdit

[{Season 5]]Edit

Roland returned home, only to be abandoned with his sister with fairies when Robin went to the Underworld to save his dear friend Hook.