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Cruella De Vil (Mayor)
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Underworld is a land featured on ABC's "Once Upon a Time".

A realm between life and Hell, the Underworld is a home for the deceased who have unfinished business.


Season 5Edit

Broken Heart

Captain Hook opens a portal to the Underworld in the pond. A boat guided by the Charon arrives and drops off Nimue and the other Dark Ones, who intend on snuffing out the light in Storybrooke.

Swan Song

In order to remain in Storybrooke, Nimue and the others must trade places with a living soul. Snow, David, Regina, Henry, Robin, and the drwarves are all marked by the Dark Ones. Nimue's plan fails when she is betrayed by Hook, who absorbs her soul, along with the other Dark Ones, into Excalibur. Hook is then killed with the sword, which absorbed all of the Darkness inside of it, thus sending him to the Underworld. Emma and the others decide to go into the Underworld after him and take the Charon's boat there.

Souls of the Departed

Emma and the others arrive in the Underworld, where they are greeted by various villains, and some heroes, they have faced over the years. Cora Mills reigns as Mayor in the Underworld, though she is still an underling of the real ruler, Hades.

Labor of Love

Cruella De Vil becomes the new Mayor, after Cora is forced to step down from the position.


With Hades' departure, Cruella De Vil announces herself as the new ruler of the Underworld. Cruella forms an alliance with the Blind Witch, who uses magic given to her by Hades to trap the heroes in the library.




  • The Underworld is the main setting of Season 5B.
  • Regina nicknames the place "Underbrooke".