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Lana Parrilla

Ursula is a minor character on ABC's "Once Upon a Time". She is portrayed by Lana Parrilla.

Ursula is actually an alias adapted by The Evil Queen in order to fool the mermaid Ariel into giving Snow White a mermaid tail. Regina believed the legend of Ursula to be nothing more than a myth, however, the real Ursula proved her otherwise when she threatens Regina's life


Season 3Edit


Queen Regina gets an idea to trick the mermaid Ariel into assisting her. In order to do so, the Evil Queen poses as Ursula, the mythical goddess of the sea. One night, Ariel speaks out to the goddess for guidance and purple tentacles arise from the ocean as "Ursula" greets Ariel. Ariel is shocked by Ursula supposedly being real, to which Ursula remarks that she is as real as the legs Ariel is standing on. Ariel apologizes if she was rude before but Ursula tells her not to fret and that she understands. Ursula tells the mermaid that she is also in luck and that she can help with her dilemma with Prince Eric, telling her that Snow White was mistaken. Ursula then gives Ariel an offer to keep her legs. The offer being that for Ariel to keep her legs, she must give Snow a mermaid tail. Ariel agrees and puts a bracelet on Snow's arm that does so. "Ursula" shows up to the docks where Snow and Ariel are and reveals her identity as the Evil Queen.


Season 3 (1/22)


  • Ursula is based on the Sea Witch from the fairytale "The Little Mermaid" and Ursula from the Disney film "The Little Mermaid".
  • This "Ursula" is one of three adaptations of the character in the series. The other two are the Goddess and the Sea Witch, who was named after the former.